A Platform
for Creating Food Innovation

Solutions to social issues and
creation of value,
originating in Nihonbashi and Yaesu.


The urban development of Nihonbashi to Yaesu has evolved along with the food culture.

The fish market that once existed in Nihonbashi gave birth to a food culture such as Edomae sushi.

There are still many long-established restaurants with a long history.

Nowadays, in addition to the concentration of restaurants of various genres, Companies that develop technologies that contribute to solving social issues related to food, called "food tech," It is a city where a variety of food-related players intersect, including companies that take on the challenge of creating new value.

The urban development of Nihombashi and Yaesu has evolved alongside their food culture. The fish market once located in Nihonbashi gave birth to food cultures such as Edomae sushi, and historic longstanding eateries continue to line the streets today. Even now, a variety of restaurants flourish here, and the area has become a hub where diverse players related to food intersect, including companies developing technologies for solving food-related social issues (referred to as "foodtech") and businesses challenging themselves to create new value. Through urban development, "&mog by Mitsui Fudosan" will create food innovation and advance food-based solutions to social issues and creation of value, based in Nihonbashi and Yaesu.

Mitsui Fudosan


Initiatives by &mog

1.Support for Business Development

Utilizing our facilities in the Nihonbashi and Yaesu areas, we offer direct marketing opportunities to consumers and create business negotiation opportunities through exhibitions, contributing to the development and expansion of food businesses.

Specific initiatives

  • Support for Business Concept Design

    Photo provided by TANSEISHA Co., Ltd. Photograph by Nacása & Partners Inc.

    Provision of workspaces and holding of mentoring events

    We will provide the temporary offices on the fourth floor of Innovation Field Yaesu in Tokyo Midtown Yaesu as office space for persons involved in the project (subject to screening). We will also hold mentoring events in cooperation with partners.

  • Photo provided by TANSEISHA Co., Ltd. Photograph by Nacása & Partners Inc.
  • Support for Test Marketing
    Creating consumer touchpoints

    Through sales opportunities such as Marche, where one can easily open a shop, we create touchpoints with the diverse consumers visiting Nihonbashi. We support product concept design through test marketing.

  • Support for Recipe Development and Awareness Building
    Collaborating with the media and popular restaurants in Nihonbashi to promote consumer awareness and product development

    In February 2024, we conducted recipe development using products from the Sea Vegetable Company and organized a recipe commentary event targeted at cooking class hosts (in collaboration with Chef Nakamura of La Bonne Table and Cuisine Kingdom). We will continue to collaborate with renowned chefs to expand the recognition of, and promote the creation of use cases for, ingredients that contribute to solving social issues.

  • Consideration for the Establishment of Support Facilities
    Opening of R&D support facilities in fiscal 2024 (tentative)

    As a component of our business development support, we will launch a study aimed at opening a kitchen laboratory in the Nihonbashi area during fiscal 2024 (tentative).
    Details will be announced as they are determined.

2.Creation of Opportunities for Information Sharing and Networking Events

From hosting international conferences to small-scale meetups, we organize various "information sharing and networking events" related to food, contributing to the revitalization of the food industry by creating opportunities for disseminating the latest information and for networking among diverse participants.

Specific initiatives

  • Confirming the "SKS JAPAN 2024" International Food Conference in Nihonbashi in October

    Photo provided by SKS JAPAN 2023

    International food conference SKS JAPAN 2024 to be held in Nihonbashi

    In October this year, we plan to host the global foodtech summit "SKS JAPAN 2024" in Nihonbashi, organized by UnlocX Corporation with the theme of "Food × Technology & Science." We will invite key domestic and international players in foodtech to share cutting-edge initiatives and conduct participatory, experiential programs.

  • Photo provided by SKS JAPAN 2023
  • Hosting Invitation-Only Meetups to Stimulate In-Depth Discussions
    Hosting Invitation-Only Meetups

    We create opportunities for in-depth discussions about the future of food through the invitation-only networking event "TOKYO FOOD MEETUP," attended by a wide range of food-related personnel including food manufacturers, distributors, restaurants, and chefs.

  • Promotion of International Collaboration
    Promotion of International Collaboration

    We conduct exchange events with overseas incubators and companies that have already expanded internationally, supporting companies aiming for global expansion by sharing the latest information and providing know-how.

3.Past Collaborations in the Nihonbashi and Yaesu Area

  • Food Tech x famed Nihonbashi restaurants
    Food Tech x famed Nihonbashi restaurants

    At the "SAKURA FES NIHONBASHI" event in 2022, we sold the "Connected Future Bento," a collaborative effort between a celebrated Nihonbashi restaurant and a pioneering foodtech company. We have supported the resolution of business challenges by developing recipes using alternative ingredients with a lower environmental impact and gaining consumer awareness.

    Collaborating companies: Gryllus, Inc., greenase, Green Culture, Janoichi Honten, Nihonbashi Yukari, Takashimaya, Bistro Sablier

    Implementation period: April 2022

  • Nihonbashi × Food Waste Reduction
    Nihonbashi × Food Waste Reduction

    As part of our efforts to reduce household food waste, we sold lunch boxes at COREDO Muromachi Kadochi using the "Too Good to Waste! (TM)" recipes provided by Ajinomoto Co., Inc., creating an opportunity for consumers to enjoy recipes that reduce food waste.

    Collaborating companies: Earth hacks Co., Ltd., Ajinomoto Co., Ltd., Food Society Nihonbashi, Chikaba Kitchen Tokyo Yaesu

    Implementation period: October 2023

  • Allergy Management System × Nihonbashi/Yaesu Restaurants
    Allergy Management System × Nihonbashi/Yaesu Restaurants

    We released the beta version of "CAN EAT MAP," which allows searching for allergy information on restaurant menus by area. The goal is to create an environment where individuals with various dietary restrictions, including food allergies and vegetarian preferences, can enjoy dining out with peace of mind. In addition, the CANEAT company's services have been implemented since 2024 in "HOTEL THE MITSUI KYOTO" and "Halekulani Okinawa," operated by the Mitsui Fudosan Group.

    Collaborating companies: Rice ball stand ANDON, CANEAT Co., Ltd., Shokunokai Nihonbashi, Chikaba Kitchen Tokyo Yaesu

    Implementation period: From November 2023

  • Support for Urban Implementation of Next-Generation Ingredients
    Support for Urban Implementation of Next-Generation Ingredients

    We realized student-generated ideas on the popularization of plant-based food from the "Earth hacks Decabo Challenge 2023" business contest. Under the supervision of the popular restaurant "Shoku no Kai Nihonbashi," we sold plant-based lunch boxes and sweets, promoting the social penetration of "next-generation ingredients" that contribute to solving social issues.

    Collaborating companies: Earth hacks Co., Ltd., ADEKA Co., Ltd., Glico Nutritional Foods Co., Ltd., Kokubu Group Headquarters Co., Ltd., Shokunokai Nihonbashi, Dietz Food Planning Co., Ltd.

    Implementation period: February 2022

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